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How your business can use QR codes

QR codes can help turn your physical customers into online followers, which creates lots of word of mouth for the whole world to see. Don't be like most businesses, who don't know how to move a physical customer to their social media pages.

Here's how your own business can use this tool:

1. Copy the link from your Facebook page (or any other social network)

2. Paste the link into a QR code generator, like qrstuff.com

3. Use that code on a poster or handout in your physical store (Feel free to take inspiration from the image I included.)

4. That's it! Simply make this document clearly visible to your customers, with clear instructions, and watch your Facebook audience grow!

Here's an example of a poster that could be hung up in your physical business, to make it easy for your customers to share your business with their friends.

Sample Poster