Does your business use Facebook Pixel?

It happens all the time: Potential customers visit your website, they browse for a while, then maybe they get distracted by something else, and they close your website without taking any action. Those customers are warm leads because they are already interested in buying from you, but now you have no way to win their business, because they forgot about your business and moved on. At least that's what most businesses think. Well, I have a secret that can help put your online marketing efforts way ahead of your competition: Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel is a tool that is produced by Facebook, meaning it is not some kind of scammy software that shouldn't be trusted. It works like this: When someone visits your website, Facebook logs their visit on their servers. Eventually, Facebook will compile a list of people who have visited your website without taking action. This creates a great marketing opportunity, because it is now possible to run re-targeting ads to the people who visited your website, and get another chance to convince them to buy from you.

In addition to re-targeting campaigns, Facebook Pixel also gives Facebook a good picture of the type of person who is likely to be interested in your company, so you can run ads to similar people in the future. And trust me, Facebook knows which people in its database are very similar to each other.

If you have any questions or would like to hear how Facebook Pixel could be useful for your marketing efforts, feel free to email me at