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Win-Wins For Our Employees, Clients, and Planet

We've got your back.

Our members (clients and employees of MagruderMedia digital marketing) receive premium web design, graphic design, and Instagram ad service, as well as options for free use of our ocean-view Airbnb house and cars in Hilo, Hawaii. 

(Airbnb coming late 2022.)

Members will also have access to our retreat center in Kalapana, HI. We are collaborating on the development of a 9 acre community focused on retreats and events, and we expect it to be ready by mid-2023. Learn more

Our clothing line drops later this year, and will be available exclusively to our members.

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Our Flagship Service - Digital Marketing Consulting

We work with medium to large businesses, evolving together in the constantly-shifting landscape of web design, video production, graphic design, Facebook/Google advertising, business consulting, and more. MagruderMedia is committed to serving humanity through this time of unprecedented technological and social change. Since 2017, we have impacted the lives of thousands of people around the world. View our portfolio here.

We also offer note-taking automation software to psychiatrists implementing cannabis. Learn More

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Refer your friends to us, and you receive an ongoing 20% commission through the lifetime of their membership.
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Born and raised in Reno, Nevada & Lake Tahoe area, currently living on Big Island, Hawaii. Loves to snowboard, mountain bike, camp, and travel. Surf fanatic in the making.

Matthew Magruder

Facilitator of Win-Win Situations

"Yoga Matt"

Kalapana, HI Retreat Center

Camping & Event Space Now Available

We are in the process of constructing multiple tiny house cabins along with a central kitchen building. We expect this community to be ready by Summer 2023. Our longer-term plans (2024 and beyond) include workshop and retreat buildings with accommodations. 


The existing fire pit on our 9 acre land is perfect for meetings and campfires. Contact us to book a campsite or group event. Camping is currently available at no charge for existing clients and employees of MagruderMedia.

The property will eventually become part of an international network of conscious communities, along with many others listed at The lead visionary wrote a Facebook post explaining everything in a bit more detail.

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